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Johnny Carson Ancestry and Family Tree

Johnny Carson Ancestry and Family Tree John William Johnny Carson (October 23, 1925 Ââ€"January 23, 2005 was an American entertainer, comic and author most popular for his residency as host of The Tonight Show from 1962 until 1992. Conceived in Corning, Iowa to Homer Lee Kit Carson (no connection to the renowned western legend) and Ruth Hook Carson, Johnny grew up with his folks, more seasoned sister, Catherine, and more youthful sibling, Richard (Dick), in Nebraska. Johnny Carson wedded his school darling Joan Wolcott on October 1, 1949. They had 3 children. In 1963, Carson separated Joan and wedded Joanne Copeland on August 17, 1963. After another separation, he and previous model Joanna Holland were hitched on September 30, 1972. This time, it was Holland who petitioned for a separation in 1983. Johnny at that point wedded Alexis Maas on June 20, 1987, a marriage that endure joyfully until Carsons demise in January 2005. Tips for Reading This Family Tree Original: 1. John William (Johnny) CARSON was conceived on 23 Oct 1925 in Corning, Iowa.1 He kicked the bucket of emphysema on 23 Jan 2005 in Malibu, California. Second Generation: 2. Homer Lee (Kit) CARSON2,3 was conceived on 4 Oct 1899 in Logan, Harrison Co., Iowa.4 He passed on 9 Apr 1983 in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Arizona.5 Homer Lee (Kit) CARSON and Ruth HOOK were hitched in 1922.6 3. Ruth HOOK7 was conceived in Jul 1901 in Jackson Township, Taylor Co., Iowa.8 She passed on in 1985. Homer Lee (Kit) CARSON and Ruth HOOK had the accompanying kids: I. Catherine Jean CARSON was conceived in Dec 1923 in Hand Hospital, Shenandoah, Iowa.81â â ii. John William (Johnny) CARSON.iii. Richard Charles (Dick) CARSON was conceived on 4 Jun 1929 in Clarinda, Page Co., Iowa.9 Third Generation: 4. Christopher N. (Unit) CARSON2,3,10,11 was conceived in Jan 1874 in Monona Co., Iowa. Christopher N. (Pack) CARSON and Ella B. Solid were hitched on 28 Dec 1898 in Harrison Co., Iowa.12 5. Ella B. HARDY2,3,10,13 was conceived on 18 Nov 1876 in Magnolia, Jefferson Co., Iowa. She kicked the bucket on 20 Aug 1967. Christopher N. (Pack) CARSON and Ella B. Solid had the accompanying youngsters: 2 I. Homer Lee (Kit) CARSON.ii. Charles E. CARSON3 was brought into the world around 1907 in Logan, Harrison Co., Iowa.iii. Raymond E. CARSON10 was brought into the world around 1913 in Logan, Harrison Co., Iowa.iv. Doris A. CARSON10 was brought into the world around 1918 in Logan, Harrison Co., Iowa. 6. George William HOOK14 was conceived on 27 Dec 1870 or 1871 in Lowry, St. Clair Co., Missouri.15 He passed on of a coronary failure on 21 Dec 1947 in Bedford, Taylor Co., Iowa. He is covered in Fairview Bedford Cemetery, Taylor Co., Iowa. George William HOOK and Jessie BOYD were hitched on 19 Sep 1900.15-17 7. Jessie BOYD6 was conceived on 6 Jul 1876 in Taylor County, Iowa.16 She kicked the bucket of melancholy on 20 Jun 1911 in Bedford, Taylor Co., Iowa.16 She is covered in Fairview Bedford Cemetery, Taylor Co., Iowa. George William HOOK and Jessie BOYD had the accompanying kids: 3â â i. Ruth HOOKii. John W. HOOK6 was conceived in 1904 in Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa.18 He passed on of peritonitis in May 1911 in Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa.19iii. Mary HOOK6 was conceived in Feb 1906 in Taylor County, Iowa.20,21iv. Florence HOOK6 was conceived in Feb 1910. She kicked the bucket in Feb 1910.22,23v. Jessie Boyd HOOK was conceived in Jun 1911.24 Fourth Generation: 8. Marshall CARSON11,25-28 was conceived on 14 Mar 1835 in Maine. He kicked the bucket on 21 May 1922 in Logan, Harrison County, Iowa. He is covered in Logan Cemetery, Harrison County, Iowa. Marshall CARSON and Emeline (Emma) KELLOGG were hitched on 17 Jul 1870 in Washington County, Nebraska. 9. Emeline (Emma) KELLOGG11,26-28 was conceived on 18 May 1847 in Fayette, Indiana. She kicked the bucket on 12 Feb 1922 in Harrison County, Iowa. She is covered in Logan Cemetery, Harrison County, Iowa. Marshall CARSON and Emeline (Emma) KELLOGG had the accompanying kids: 4â â i. Christopher N. (Pack) CARSON.ii. Angie CARSON11 was brought into the world around 1875 in Nebraska.iii. Phebe CARSON11 was brought into the world around 1877 in Iowa.iv. Amilda CARSON11 was brought into the world around 1879 in Iowa.v. Ora CARSON26 was conceived in Jun 1881 in Harrison Co., Edgar M. CARSON26 was conceived in Feb 1882 in Harrison Co., Iowa.vii. Fred G. CARSON26-28 was conceived in Jul 1885 in Harrison County, Iowa. He kicked the bucket in 1923 in Harrison Co., Iowa.viii. Herbert E. CARSON26,27,29 was conceived in Dec 1890 in Harrison Co., Iowa. 10. Samuel Tomlinson HARDY10,13,30,31 was conceived on 1 May 1848 in Angola, Steuben Co., Indiana. He kicked the bucket on 21 Jul 1933 in at the home of his little girl, Mrs. C. N. Carson in Logan, Harrison Co., Iowa. Samuel Tomlinson HARDY and Viola Millicent VINCENT were hitched on 30 Jun 1872 in Iowa. 11. Viola Millicent VINCENT13,30,32 was conceived on 2 Apr 1855. She kicked the bucket on 3 May 1935 in Harrison Co., Iowa. Samuel Tomlinson HARDY and Viola Millicent VINCENT had the accompanying kids: I. Loyd HARDY13 was brought into the world around 1866 in Iowa.ii. Louis HARDY13 was brought into the world around 1870 in Iowa.5 iii. Ella B. HARDY.iv. Delaven H. HARDY13,30 was conceived in Aug 1879 in Iowa.30v. Bruce L. HARDY30 was conceived in Sep 1881 in Iowa.30vi. Gladys HARDY30 was conceived in Oct 1896 in Iowa.30

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Aping Western Culture Essay

This point may make the vast majority of us return to past times worth remembering of youth when we used to go around and play in the sweltering and consuming sun without the weight of the world upon us.Now the whole world(at least the larger part) is hypnotized by the non genuine universe of PC games. Some portion of the explanation behind this move is the absence of good grounds and the absence of fellowship that is persevering in today s world. We may play the famous football or cricket match-up on PC yet its no where close to the delight that we get while playing open air football or even cricket. I can in any case recall the days when I used to play cricket in the consuming sweltering sun in my town, now and then even unshod. Nothing can coordinate the delight that we get when we utilize a few muscles while playin these open air games. I additionally recollect my school days during which I used to hang tight for occasions with the goal that I can play cricket, stow away and seek,laggoree(A neighborhood game in which we toss the ball at stones and pull together all the stones while abstaining from getting this show on the road by the ball), lock and key,badminton and a lot increasingly creative games. The majority of these games used to be played in the roads and they don't require a play ground. At any rate I used to play them in the city. I used to go out toward the beginning of the day and return for lunch and afterward again go out and get back at night.Playing with numerous individuals is doubtlessly enjoyable profoundly. Simply the gathering of such a large number of individuals was a delight to be in. Just in towns would we be able to get the chance to see gatherings of kids playing open air games.Its getting increasingly more of an uncommon scene in the cities.I can see school kids previously worrying about the concern of t he world on their delicate shoulders. There may come when games will be confined to indoor games or far and away more terrible just the PC games. There s nothing incorrectly in playing on the PC as I myself do get snared on to the PC games however every now and then playing open air games loosens up the psyche and furthermore its an awesome exercise to our body.Even the PET classes in the schools are taken by other subject instructors in the majority of the schools.Also a significant number of the schools don't have a play area in their school premises. This is tragic and what's to come will be significantly more worse.At this point I recollect the well known enlivened arrangement that goes ahead disney station â€Å"Recess†. Its attention is basically on the open air games. There is a well known saying that â€Å"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy†, its time we transformed it to something like this â€Å"All work and just playing an on PC makes Jack a dull boy†. There are still significantly more things that I could have composed however it may get exhausting so I leave it to the individuals perusing this blog to remark and offer their encounters.

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The Task Force for Corrections Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

The Task Force for Corrections - Term Paper Example These methodologies have been demonstrated ineffectual on the grounds that they disregarded the exact proof on what impacts guilty party change. As Latessa, Cullen and Gendreau (2002) note, these practices are instances of â€Å"correctional quackery.† Second, subsequent to investigating existing proof, the report suggests that restoration ought to be Ohio’s directing remedial hypothesis. In such manner, this report at first analyzes the constraints of contending approaches. Following this conversation, the case for reaffirming restoration is introduced. The rule of appropriate reward and requital ought to be adequate to hinder a guilty party from carrying out a wrongdoing. This isn't stating that imprisonment is a compelling hindrance to wrongdoing or culpable. The way that wrongdoings and culpable have been expanding in spite of the disciplines and imprisonments related with violations and culpable ought to be sufficiently satisfactory to show that detainment limitedly affects prevention. As indicated by Muhlhausen (2010), the standard of discouragement tries to make wrongdoings expensive so less violations can happen. On looking at the imprisonment information of 1972-1993, be that as it may, Lynch finished up (1999, p. 359) that detainment gives â€Å"no proof of prevention at the total level for the US† on wrongdoings (1999, p. 359). As indicated by Lynch (1999), the end stayed genuine regardless of whether cross-sectional investigation are utilized for wrongdoing and detainment patterns for 1980 through 1991. Recovery centers around the character of the wrongdoer. The two guilty parties and non-wrongdoers the same live in a general public where they are not watched 100% of the time. Control-situated projects don't change the character of the wrongdoer. On this by itself, control-arranged oversight projects will bomb as administrators lose authority over the wrongdoer, particularly in the wake of having served jail time. The rule directly after simply desert and reprisal can't be weakening since crippling is satisfactorily shrouded in the guideline of appropriate recompense

Marketing strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Showcasing system - Essay Example TOMS shoes has been effective in concocting in vogue shoes that cause their clients look great as well as to feel great. Their clients feel that they are having any kind of effect by simply buying TOMS shoes. The organization utilizes the WIIFM theory which implies ‘What’s in it for me’. They do this by offering top notch shoes and furthermore cause their customers to feel they are supporting a decent purpose (Russo 84). As you stroll in the lanes, you are probably going to see various youngsters wearing TOMS shoes. This is on the grounds that the organization structures and markets popular shoes that intrigue most to the more youthful age. To stay aware of the present market patterns, TOMS shoes has been compelled to grow its product offering and now offers an assortment of shoes to their clients. One factor that recognizes TOMS shoes is the way that they have stayed faithful to their obligation of conveying free shoes for each shoe buy made. Numerous organizations start with a decent purpose, however avarice for cash winds up destroying the organization. The organization likewise has objectives and guarantees that it meets its set objectives. It is fascinating to take note of that TOMS shoes are a beneficial business and not a cause

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Marketing Plan: Donor Recognition and Stewardship

Promoting Plan: Donor Recognition and Stewardship Presentation Monetary downturn has had its effect on the quantity of contributors. As the economy is recouping, the patterns show that non-benefit associations keep on losing benefactors quicker than they gain them regardless of whether the giving sums are expanding. The outcomes are upsetting in light of the fact that were seeing a pattern of noble cause depending on less givers giving bigger blessings, said Elizabeth Boris, chief of the Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy at the Urban Institute. Noble cause need to work more enthusiastically on contacting new and various gatherings of givers. Increasingly significant, in any case, is saving benefactors for longer than a year, since its a lot less expensive to hold existing contributors than it is to persistently discover new ones. Non-benefit segment is experiencing changes. Perhaps its the as of now started mass migration of Baby Boomers in philanthropic administration positions. Perhaps its the scramble to comprehend moving giving propensit ies as more youthful benefactors enter the altruistic conversation in more prominent numbers. Whatever it will be, it makes us reconsider giver relations, which is experiencing a transformation in both reasoning and approach. foundation Market Analysis. Childrens Health Foundation is an autonomous fused non-benefit association devoted to raising and giving assets to supportChildrens Hospital at London Health Sciences Center, Thames Valley Childrens Center and Childrens Health Research Institute. Since 1922, reserves raised have conveyed excellent consideration and backing for youngsters and their families by giving specific pediatric consideration, gear, training programs, treatment, recovery administrations and research. Childrens Health Foundation is territorial pediatric referral community for South Western and North Western Ontario. Childrens Health Foundation is working in a very serious industry. Canadas altruistic and not-for-profit part is the second biggest on the planet with 170,000 non-benefit associations. Ontarios 46,000+ NFP associations utilize around one million individuals, 15% of Ontarios absolute workforce, and have a monetary effect of about $50 billion. This speaks to over 7.1% of Ontarios GDP-m ore noteworthy than the vehicle and development ventures joined. In excess of 5 million Ontarians give more than 820 million hours of their time chipping in consistently, esteemed at what might be compared to 400,000 all day occupations. Social insurance is the second biggest beneficiary of gifts in Canada (behind strict associations) and makes up around 13% of all gifts got from Canadians. Huge humanitarian gifts from people or companies are turning out to be progressively significant wellsprings of gifts. Simultaneously, in both urban and country networks, giver weakness is turning into a genuine concern. As inhabitants keep on being approached to add to magnanimous associations, there comes a point where their readiness or capacity to give is depleted. This is of specific worry in huge urban regions like the GTA, where there is wild rivalry for contributor dollars, as per Anthony Dale, CEO of the Ontario Hospital Association. Magnanimity in Canada is exceptionally reliant on oil and gold costs. Thinking back inside Canadas humanitarian history, it is perceptible that a year after a downturn there was a huge decline in gathering pledges commitments. Also, with Canadas medicinal services framework getting progressively subject to generosity, its capital arranging may turn out to be progressively helpless against variances in Canadas asset economy. Generosity is fundamental to the prosperity of the human services framework, permitting emergency clinics to improve and build up their foundation and lead imaginative clinical research. This is the truth for Childrens Health Foundation also, whose framework, hydro, water and pay rates just are financed by government. All the particular projects the establishment furnish and hardware is secured with giver dollars. Yet, as we enter the time of plunging oil costs and financial vulnerability, medical clinic establishments are probably going to confront more earnestly times raising support, and this may make any incongr uities in access to capital tasks among networks more terrible. Notwithstanding that, Canadians are turning out to be less liberal and giving less gifts to good cause than they did 10 years prior, as per the 2016 Generosity Index distributed by the Fraser Institute, a research organization. Obtaining of the blessing today has become a gauge for execution for some non-benefits. The way that 15% of Canadian populace makes over 80% of every single altruistic commitment is proof of how significant stewardship became. Brand Analysis. The brand character of Childrens Health Foundation which involves the logo and the slogan is exceptionally clear and compact. Their main goal to prepare the network to help greatness in social insurance, restoration and research for youngsters and their families is completely upheld up by all the projects and bolster they offer (creative research, world-class medical clinic offices and gear; wide scope of budgetary, lawful and moral help to families with wip ed out kids). They are exceptionally predictable in refreshing their online social blog, site, Facebook page, just as transferring visuals as well as the narratives on customary premise to fortify the effect of the message they are attempting to pass on. Childrens Health Foundation continually lead various crusades to expand their compass and income. Until further notice they spread South West Ontario, a few pieces of North West Ontario and have built up great associations with Thunder Bay medical clinics. Childrens Health Foundation is advancing their image on their site by utilizing stories, visuals and narratives for individuals to see the unforgiving truth of sick kids and comprehend the distinction they can make with their gifts. The establishment additionally utilizes the internet based life stages, for example, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to build their scope just as bulletins. They are raising assets and increment familiarity with the reason by running efforts, tolerating gifts on various levels andorganizing gathering pledges occasions. Childrens Health Foundations brand IDEA (respectability, Democracy, Ethics, Affinity) is viable which expands its validity. Childrens Health Foundation centers around giving full range help to the wiped out kids and their families by offering great help on different levels (treatment, restoration, budgetary, legitimate, moral), which is something one of a kind and is the base of their situating in the market against other non-benefit associations like Sunshine, Save the Children or World Vision. These associations spread various needs of kids make their fantasies work out, offer monetary help or food supplies to malnurished kids. Childrens Health Foundations brand advance around the most helpless piece of our general public wiped out youngsters. Since youngsters are our future, givers will bolster this reason and it attracts noteworthy measures of assets. Childrens Health Foundation has raised $8mln. a year ago. As f ar as gifts Childrens Health establishment is focusing on enterprises and individuals with different salary levels that are not unconcerned with the reason as each dollar that comes in is significant. The benefactor division is as per the following: people, organizations, lifetime giving, heritage, network raising money. Shifted socioeconomics is one of the difficulties the establishment is confronting when attempting to construct their contributor acknowledgment and stewardship programs on the grounds that each segment bunch contingent upon level of gifts is anticipating various things. Taking a gander at the approaches to give, nonetheless, it is clear, that the establishment neglects to address and take part in their endeavors the age of twenty to thirty year olds. The goal of the Childrens Health Foundation is to thought of an arrangement on how they can perceive and steward every single distinctive segment and alter these projects as indicated by various degrees of gifts by sta ying comprehensive. SWOT Analysis Childrens Health Foundation Qualities Brand related with kids. Individuals like to support youngsters. Alliance with Childrens clinic, Childrens Research Institute and Thames Valley Childrens Center, so contributor dollars are held under one umbrella. The third biggest youngsters wellbeing research foundation in Canada. Offer different specific projects to debilitated kids. Solid people group occasion organizations. Childrens Health Research Institute use the seed financing from Childrens Health establishment multiple times over, with outer and peer-investigated award achievement. Assessment exception Family Centered consideration condition through projects as: subsidize specific gear, comfort wiped out youngsters, set up another recreation, bolster families out of luck, support free lawful administrations for persistent families. Shortcomings Restricted spending plan. Medical clinic approach impediments. Restricted staff. Focusing on a wide scope of socioeconomics without specific core interest. Site isn't exceptionally realistic. Openings Tap into the market of Millennials and empower inclusion in the reason Cause Related Marketing Inventive giver acknowledgment stewardship programs Having constrained assets to center their endeavors towards activities that would bring the greatest return Dangers Defenseless against financial emergency. Beneficent giving is one of the primary money outpourings that purchasers cut back on when cash is tight. Since they rely upon commitments, they have to keep away from the impression of inappropriateness. Indeed, even a little outrage can be harming. Giver commitment are troublesome in clinics because of wellbeing, security protection issues Giving patterns are changing, its essential to modify serious assessment Childrens Health Foundation is contending with each cause being advanced by other more than 60 not-revenue driven associations in London, Ontario. The upside of Childrens Health Foundation is that their mantra advances around wiped out youngsters, which is bound to win givers hearts t

IELTS Essay Samples of Band 8 IELTS-Blog Posts

IELTS Essay Samples of Band 8 IELTS-Blog PostsSome IELTS essay samples of Band 8 IELTS-blog posts are not nearly as effective as we would like them to be. These articles only achieve their desired result with sheer force of will and repetition. The less you think about the solution that has been provided, the more effective it becomes.For the longest time, I was daunted by the IELTS essay sample I was given by an IELTS teacher. The content was quite simple, but just didn't work for me. This article describes the most effective approach that was employed in my case.When looking at IELTS essay samples of Band 8 IELTS-blog posts, the key factor that all these essays have in common is the use of words. As such, the IELTS essay samples of Band 8 IELTS-blog posts should be able to show us how to effectively use word. After a while, we get used to thinking in terms of the English language.We are so used to using the English language that we forget to take a step back from the English langua ge and review the concepts. When we do this, we find we can improve our English language skills and begin to grasp the concepts. In turn, the way we use English, the way we understand what we write, and the clarity of the material that we write will improve dramatically.The most effective IELTS essay samples of Band 8 IELTS-blog posts will attempt to provide multiple concepts and methods that help to form a new perspective. After a while, we can connect the past to the present. And by connecting the past to the present, we start to understand the world around us in a very different light.By learning to understand our surroundings in terms of a wider vocabulary, we gain confidence in ourselves in our understanding of English. In essence, we become more self-aware. Self-awareness is essential to comprehending and appreciating the world around us.The best IELTS essay samples of Band 8 IELTS-blog posts will take advantage of their readers' knowledge of the English language. The written words will be arranged in a logical sequence and the results will demonstrate that the writer uses English as a means of communication. By using the English language as a means of communication, the reader feels as though they are taking part in the writing process and begins to see that they have an influence on the written words.By gaining confidence in their comprehension of the written materials, the reader will be prepared to begin rereading the IELTS essay samples of Band 8 IELTS-blog posts. The content, which was previously only memorized, becomes something they can use and apply to their lives. The benefits of utilizing the IELTS essay samples of Band 8 IELTS-blog posts far outweigh the limited benefit of the essay samples themselves.

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Stop Animal Cruelty - Free Essay Example

Animal cruelty must be stopped. Each year tens and thousands of animals show signs of being abused. Furthermore, some of these helpless creatures are even brutely killed. Each living being whether animal or human is capable of feeling pain. In fact, research suggests that those who tend to abuse animals show signs of psychopathic behavior. Hence, assailants must be punished by the law with harsher sentences and not just mere fines. Therefore, as humans, can we really say that killing animals is the same as running over a red light? According to modern-day research, there are approximately close to seventy million pet dogs that are assaulted per minute. As for other animals such as cats, the approximate is seventy-four million being abused per minute. However, if we compare the following to how many humans are being assaulted per minute in the U.S it would be an average of only fifty. Several of these animals are usually domestic animals such as dogs, cats, goats, horses and other such. Animals are capable of feeling pain just as much as humans or possibly even more. If one thinks about it, humans at the least are capable of voicing out for help but when it comes to animals they are helpless to abuse. Furthermore, several of these friendly creatures are even being killed. Accounts of dog abuse roam the internet for the amusement of other people. In fact, the age demographic of the those who abuse animals range from children to even grown-up adults. Therefore, a lot of such cases of domestic animals being slaught ered is slowly being considered the norm and this must change. Several animals rights activists, as well as psychologists, have conducted studies on the behavior of those that abuse animals. It has been widely confirmed that those who intentionally torture or abuse their pets are most likely men under the age of thirty. On the other hand, women over the age of sixty have been guilty of hoarding pets. In fact, seventy-one percent of assailants charged for domestic violence in a household is said to have abused their pets or targeted animals. Furthermore, in cases of child abuse, it has been observed that eighty-eight percent of the families have taken to abuse their pet and then the children. Present day research suggests that those who tend to abuse animals show signs of psychopathic behavior. Studies have revealed that most serial killers took to abuse and kill pets before committing their first manslaughter. Hence, animal cruelty is a subject that must be taken seriously in order to avoid abuse of pets as well as humans. The laws for manslaughter and animal slaughter are extremely varied. Manslaughter could potentially get the assailant a death sentence or a sentence that forever excludes them from society. However, the laws for animal slaughter often start with a warning leading to a mere fine and in worst cases a year of jail time. As humans, can we really say that killing animals is the same as running over a red light? In fact, studies have suggested that nine out of ten people that commit pet abuse also abuse their family or could potentially harm strangers. Although a sentence such as death might not be given to the assailant, there must be a harsher sentence in order to protect the animals as well as the people. Assailants being made to pay a mere fine of a thousand dollars for killing an animal is not something society must condone. It is extremely dangerous in our present day to allow such people roam about free. People who commit such horrifying acts must be punished and reformed in prison to avoid such acts to be eventually done to other people. Hence, assailants must be punished by the law with harsher sentences and not just mere fines for abusing or slaughtering animals. Humans and animals are not different from one another. If anything, humans are only considered superior because of our ability to think and differentiate rights from wrongs. However, on the other hand, animals are quite helpless. Although they have the ability to think to a certain extent, they cannot talk. Animals are not capable enough to scream for help or defend themselves especially ones that are domesticated. Millions of animals get abused by humans, which must not be seen as the norm in our present day and time. Punishing those that hurt these helpless creatures would not only help the animals but society as well. Studies have proved that animal abuse eventually leads to the abuse of humans or in worst cases manslaughter. Hence, punishing assailants with harsher sentences allows us to protect animals as well as people. Therefore, animal cruelty must be stopped as running over a red light and killing helpless creatures is not the same.