Friday, April 19, 2019

Marketing cases Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

merchandise cases - Essay ExampleThe main macro-economic factors that influenced the Targets performance during that period were the economic and social conditions that existed among the consumers. cod to the economic recession in 2008, there was a graduate(prenominal) unemployment level and an increased inflation, which had a control connection with the sales outcome of the company. Along with this, the purchasing power of the consumers began to deteriorate due to the decline in the income of the sizable households. With the companys products being viewed as expensive ones, it further impacted Targets revenues. However, Walmart showed a far better growth due to its cheaper prices strategy hindering the Targets upmarket products.The Targets pay less strategy was a risky one as it has to get down its high-quality. That is, even while coping up with the changing economic conditions and its consumers attitude, it needs to focus on quality. However, it has successfully managed to overcome through the recession crisis and have switched towards a hopeful direction with this new strategy. Despite the high unemployment and increased inflation, Target takes an optimistic view in improve its sales through its new launches such as mini-grocery stores and up-and-up. By focusing on its pay less part, Target has certainly pursued a best strategy by retaining the quality of its products even while emphasizing on the discount part.Expanding the advert campaigns before focusing towards lower prices should have been the alternate strategy for Target during their decline in sales and revenue. As the company was keen on offering one stop shopping with lowered prices and improving the stores infrastructure, it did not have enough time to analyze the consumers tendency towards their products, thereby lost(p) formulating effective advertising strategies. Once they found the

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